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Incorporated in 1985, the name of the Company was changed from Shalimar Agro Products Limited to Shalimar Productions Limited consequent to the change in object to Media business. Shalimar Productions Limited, headquartered in Mumbai is in Media business. The Company is into production of Films. It has produced various regional albums and movies. 'Visagar-Suranjana Studio' is a shooting outdoor studio at Sunderbans near Kolkata with various beautiful locations and in-house premium stay and catering arrangements. 'Shalimar Academy' situated at 'Shalimar House', Bikaner trains, develops and moulds artists of tomorrow using proven curicullum and methodology through its class leading trainers and instructers. The Company is listed on the Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) and is a proud family of 6000+ esteemed shareholders.

Our Team

Shalimar Productions Ltd boasts of a sound and resourceful team. One of the foremost core strengths of Shalimar, is its human resource. Their vision, experience and knowledge have been invaluable for the Company.  Under their leadership, the Company plans to carve out an all-round recognition for itself & become a household name in the next five years. Besides the Board of Directors, the technical & creative advisory team is a valuable resource for the Company and largely responsible for execution of the long term objects of the Company marching towards success.


    Shree Pankaj Kumar Dave, Age 37 is a director in the Company. He has been associated with the Company since last 10 years. He has an experience of over a decade across technical functions involved in production and maintenance.


    Shree Tilokchand Kothari, age 50, is the Director the Company. A commerce graduate, he has over two decades of abundant experience in the field of Media, Finance & Textiles. He has been associated with the Company for many years and has headed the production of various Regional (especially Rajasthani) music albums & Short films. He is in the Board of several listed public Companies. Also, he is in the Board of several other unlisted companies.


    Chandrashekhar Sharma, a B Com graduate commands over 23 years of rich and diverse experience in Media. He has been associated with the Board since last 7 years. He has been involved in countless productions in Bollywood as well as regional media. He has been the music director for 75 films, 7 serials and around 200 music albums up to date. He has also worked as a director in 3 regional language films. He has worked as assistant dialogue writer under late Anwar Khan for 5 years. He has an exceptional grasp in media procurement.


    Mr. Abhishek Palaparthy is in the board of Shalimar Productions Ltd. He has good telivision production experieence having done many projects in the past.


We have produced a large number of Albums, short Films and Movies. We have a number of exciting untitled projects - films and albums lined up.


"Visagar-Suranjana Studio" is a state of the art outdoor shooting studio with many shoot-specific locations, complete stay, catering and technical arrangements, located in scenic Sunderbans amongst lush green locales and gushing river nearby. It is an ideal location for shoots.

Our Mission

To maximise stakeholder value by achieving highest quality market oriented, targeted productions in time, resource constraints. To enable vast creative, technical knowledge resource creation in organisation by way of talent and equipment that will help the organisation and its stakeholders in long term.

Our Vision

To become an all encompassing production Company belting out serial chart toppers and a household name in quality and result consistency.

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